Motorize And Automate Your Patio With Retractable Screens

Motorized screens are the latest craze in homeownership – and for a good reason. Automated and motorized screens simplify outdoor spaces, making them more livable. They make patios more private, functional, and beautiful. With long-lasting life, smartphone automation capabilities, and impressive energy savings, motorized patio screens are more than just a passing trend. They’re here to stay.

Automatic retractable patio shades

Why Install Motorized Screens?

Your patio area is a valuable part of your home. If your family rarely uses your outdoor living space because of pests, heat, or inconvenience, automated and motorized patio screens may be the perfect solution. Investing in the right screens can make your outdoor space a serene, comfortable, and practical way to enjoy nature’s beauty. The right screen system can block out insects, dust, UV rays, and the prying eyes of your neighbors.

Putting up a physical barrier is the first step to improving your patio, but you shouldn’t stop there. Instead of investing in standard screens that separate you from the outdoors, get the screens everyone is raving about. Use your patio to its fullest potential by motorizing your screens. This system gives you the best of both worlds – a private, secure screened-in patio and an open, airy outdoor living space. A smart solution such as MotionScreen gives you the advantages of a regular screen with none of the drawbacks.

Benefits of Motorizing Your Screens

Once you decide on motorized screening, it’s only a small step to automate them. Automated systems give you the choice to set a timer for when to open and close your screens – optimizing ease of use and convenience. Set your screens to open at dusk, when the weather cools and the temperature is ideal for outdoor living, and to close at nightfall. Automating your screens with rain sensors, sun and wind sensors, and custom timers can truly make your patio your own. Explore the benefits of motorized, automated patio screens:

  • Expand your living space with a comfortable, controlled outdoor living area.
  • Enjoy pest-free outdoor areas – no more mosquito bites!
  • Protect against harmful UV sun that can damage your furnishings.
  • Keep your outdoor area cooler in the summer.
  • Save on energy costs – a solar shade can block up to 90% of solar heat.
  • Beautify and modernize your home, increasing property value.
  • Create the home environment of your choice.
  • Host outdoor parties and gatherings without the worry and nuisance of bugs.
  • Increase privacy.
  • Control your screens at the touch of a button.
  • Sync your screens to apps on your smartphone for ultimate convenience.
  • Get years of use from a sturdy, reliable system.

Motorized screens aren’t only for patios – place exterior screens outside windows, doors, and large openings such as garages to optimize any space in your home.

Your Partners for Motorized Patio Screen Systems

Partner with Universal Screens for fully personalized high-quality motorized screen systems. We’ll work with you to design and install the ideal screen system for your needs. We have motorized and automated screen options for every outdoor need and certified dealers throughout the country. Contact us today for more information on MotionScreen.

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