Outdoor Shade Options for 2021

With only so many months of the year to enjoy your outdoor living space, you want to maximize its potential to the fullest. So, what else does this space need to ensure your family can use it as much as possible? The answer, of course, is shade. Between keeping you cool and offering essential protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, the development of an effective shade solution can completely transform your backyard, patio, or deck. Selecting the right shade option for your unique needs will make your home the place to be, encouraging friends and family to get together and stick around for endless hours of fun, even on the hottest days of the year.

Consider the outdoor shade options described below to find the perfect shade solution for your outdoor space, then contact Universal Screens to make your backyard fantasies a reality.

Manual Retractable Screens

While outdoor screens of the past tended to offer durability at the expense of style, modern manual retractable screens have been designed with cutting-edge technology to give you the perfect balance of superior protection and aesthetics. The innovative design of the Arion shade system features an oversized roller shade made of durable, weatherproof material that provides the strongest defense against the sun and other extreme conditions. Constructed of all aluminum components, these manual retractable screens are strong, lightweight, and easy to install. Universal Screens offers several choices for installation, including cable-guided, rod-guided, or free-hanging options.

With innovative manual retractable screens, you can enjoy the brilliance and warmth of the summer sun without being forced inside to avoid sweltering. Along with lowering the temperature of your outdoor space, these screens also provide excellent protection from exposure to the sun’s harmful UV radiation. Custom manufactured according to your specifications, our screens will perfectly fit your exterior space, allowing you to appreciate the finest aspects of being outside while managing the heat. Sleek finishing hardware makes these manual retractable screens attractive enough to be used indoors, as well.

Motorized Solar ScreensMotorized Solar Screens

For the similar style and durability as manual screens but improved accessibility and convenience, motorized solar screens are an excellent choice for enclosing your patio, deck, balcony, or gazebo. The MotionScreen™ system provides comprehensive protection from the sun, forming a physical barrier that grants full shade and lowered temperatures during even the most brutal days of summer. Best of all, this model does it all without sacrificing much-needed ventilation. You can ensure your patio remains shady all day by easily adjusting these screens to accommodate the shifting angle of the sun. If convenience is key, some motorized solar screens even offer sun sensors that automatically make these adjustments for you.

Motorized solar screens feature numerous useful benefits beyond shade. They offer peaceful privacy from the prying eyes of your neighbors or passersby as well as preventing the intrusion of irritating, potentially deadly pests like mosquitoes. You can comfortably lounge and dine late into the evening without constantly needing to reapply bug repellent or burn a smelly citronella candle. With the simple push of a button, your outdoor space will become the ideal spot for relaxing on a warm, sunny day. Motorized solar screens are perfect not only for the summer but for enjoying your backyard all year round. They can shield you from spring showers and autumn winds or help you savor a soak in the hot tub on frigid winter nights. In addition, if your outdoor space overlaps with any windows, you’ll enjoy substantial energy savings by reducing your reliance on HVAC.

Louvered Roof Systems

Rapidly gaining popularity due to their immense versatility, louvered roof systems can cover your patio, deck, pool, garden, or any other outdoor space that requires a shade solution. These systems consist of a frame with four corner posts and four main horizontal beams. The beams are then affixed with a track system of louvers or horizontal slats that can be angled to open or close based on the level of sunlight or heat you desire. Unlike pergolas with fixed slats or awnings that remain completely open or closed, louvered roof systems are endlessly, easily adjustable. You can move them precisely to produce the exact amount of shade and airflow you need to maintain your ideal temperature.

By providing shade, louvered roof systems protect you, your deck, patio furniture, grill, and other outdoor items from direct exposure to damaging UV rays. With this innovative technology, you can prepare your outdoor space with ease, even when you’re not home. Is there a summer storm brewing, but you still want to enjoy a glass of wine on your patio after work? Many louvered roof systems feature phone apps that let you control them from a distance. When closed, a louvered roof emulates a covered deck by forming a virtually water-tight roof, keeping out wind, leaves, and other debris.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space Today with Universal Screens

If you’re ready to elevate your outdoor living space, contact Universal Screens today. Our screens are created with the highest quality materials available, sourced from local Plano, TX companies, as well as the country’s top vendors. We custom manufacture every screen to meet your specific needs while ensuring the finished product creates a stylish, attractive element of your home design. With years of loyal, satisfied customers, we are so confident you will love your new shade system that every purchase comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Contact us today to learn more about our outdoor shade options by dialing (972) 696-0181 or (888) 583-3361 toll-free. You can also submit a contact request form, and our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible to begin creating your custom outdoor shade solution.

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