Building Her Own Outdoor Living Empire With Teresa Williams

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In this episode of Behind the Screens, we’re meeting KJ Custom Screens and Outdoor Living Owner, Teresa Williams.

Teresa has been a Universal Screens Dealer for quite a while now, and she and the guys discuss why this relationship has lasted so long.

Teresa also talks about her own journey into the outdoor living space, and why buying a business right before a massive recession ended up being one of the best things she ever did.

They also talk about her key to relationship building, how she’s been able to grow such an amazing business, and why being a woman hasn’t been anything that’s held her back.

You can find out more about Teresa’s company at:

For additional information on Universal Screens products please contact us today!

Full Episode Breakdown

1:10 - We’re meeting Theresa in addition to the beer of the episodes - Milkshake and Fries by 903 Brewers

3:25 - Teresa talks about buying a business in the middle of a recession

5:29 - Teresa talks about why networking has been so important for her in building her business.

8:02 - Shawn discusses the importance of getting more hands on experience for their employee, plus why creating pride in their work is also important.

10:33 - Teresa talks about being a woman in a very male dominated field, and how she’s thrived in it.

12:59 - Why as a business owner, you don’t have to do everything well, in fact, you shouldn’t do everything well. Hire others to do it better.

16:07 - Why understanding everyone makes mistakes is important, and why just owning up to them can go a long way.

17:30 - Teresa talks about her exciting opportunity with her upcoming TV appearance.

19:33 - Teresa talks about why sometimes splurging on marketing dollars can be a good thing.

22:40 - Teresa discusses getting her family involved in the business.

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