Relationships That Built Universal Screens

Just because you don’t have an experience in an industry, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go into it.

In this episode of Behind the Screens, the guys are talking to their National Sales Manager, Joe Cerda about growing a company in an entirely new industry.

Joe was also one who came from the beginning, and the guys are going back to the stories of their first installation and how they ended up growing the company to a size they never dreamed they would reach.

They also talk about why relationships are so important, and why Joe was able to utilize his interior experience into a new industry and succeed.

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Full Episode Breakdown

1:54 - Joe talks about how he got started in the industry, and how a call from Glenn changed everything.

3:25 - Joe discusses how pushing himself helped to advance his career.

5:01 - Why the culture of Universal Screens really attracted Joe.

8:05 - Remembering the very first job they ever installed, and all of the learning that was done because of it.

10:29 - How being invited to the first round table helped Universal Screens really take their company to the next level.

13:40 - Why events are so important for success of a company.

17:45 - The guys discuss why treating their dealers well is so important to the company’s success.

20:44 - The growth of Universal Screens has been tremendous, and they talk about what it was like to have the goals at the beginning of the company to where they are now.

24:30 - Why COVID actually helped their business.

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