How Companies Can Scale and Thrive in Today’s Market


We all know that running a business can be very hard, and having those people surrounding you, who can help you, is invaluable.

Matthew is a partner at Cohesion Wealth Advisors and helps business owners get our of their own way and take their business to the next level.

In this episode of Behind the Screens, Matthew talks to the guys about how simple changes in a business can drastically change the trajectory of its growth.

They also talk about common issues businesses face when it comes to scaling, and how to overcome those, especially those issues so many businesses are seeing now like hiring and keeping the right people, and building the right culture so people stay.

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Full Episode Breakdown:

1:16 - Meeting Matthew and how he and Michael became friends and business colleagues.

4:07 - Matt talks about why having core values is so important when businesses grow, and how to stay true to those values.

6:07 - Matt expands on the concept of putting the right people in, and why it’s so crucial for businesses to understand this.

10:30 - The guys discuss why need to delegate your business and your work is so crucial for the growth of a company.

13:20 - How long do you give someone in a position to really figure out if you’ve made the right decision about moving someone into a role?

17:45 - Why knowing your roles and talking through ideas is so crucial for company leaders.

22:13 - The guys discuss culture and how important its been to the success of Universal Screens.

24:32 - How do company leaders still focus on growing a company when they’re being bulled in 100 different directions

28:06 - We’re in an environment where hiring is harder than ever, so how do business owners continue to find the right people while not being desperate to fill seats?





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