Why Relationships Matter In Sales

We’ve all heard how important relationships are when it comes to sales, but Tommy Long, Head of Eastern US Sales at Universal Screens, joins the guys in this episode to talk about his secrets to success in building a territory from the ground up.

When Tommy joined Universal Screens, they weren’t looking to hire, but knew they had to jump on the opportunity. They also talk about what it was like for Tommy taking on a territory that had been neglected, and how he made it one of the most successful in the company.

Tommy also offers advice to those up and coming reps to help understand how to let customers know they truly matter to you, and why he's so excited about what's to come for the retractable screen industry.

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Full Episode Breakdown

1:10 - Tommy talks about how he got started in the industry, and what led him to Universal Screens three years ago.

3:42 - How growing up on a farm helped Tommy learned to figure things out and be extremely handy.

5:34 - Tommy shares the story of why he broke out and started his own installation business.

9:12 - Why Tommy decided to stop doing something on his own and start working on Universal Screens

12:43 - Tommy talks about how he built a territory that really wasn’t being cultivated when he joined.

17:28 - Tommy talks about how he manages his relationships and his time in order to make sure he’s connecting with everyone he needs to.

20:10 - Tommy talks about why it’s so important for him to reach out and stay connected to his audience.

23:07 - What advice does Tommy give to new sales reps in taking on a new territory.

25:20 - Tommy gives some insight on what it looks like for his current territory.

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