How Great Partnerships Grow

It’s great when you can not only love what you do but love the people and the partners you work with. When it comes to great partnerships, Somfy is the company that makes the job more fun and easier for Universal Screens.

In this episode of Behind the Screens, Shawn and Joe are joined by Somfy’s Vice President of Sales, Jim Ruh. The guys go deep into Somfy’s business model, and how the pandemic impacted their business as a whole, including costs, supply chain, and even sales.

They also talk about what’s next for not just Somfy, but the outdoor retractable screen industry as well. Jim also discusses how they had to put some of their innovation on hold, but now as they’ve moved through the pandemic, they can start rolling out the products that will have a huge impact on the industry.

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Full Episode Breakdown:

1:15 - Learning more about Somfy, and what they do.

3:20 - The guys talk about the partnership and why it’s worked so well between the two companies.

6:50 - Jim talks about how they’ve navigated all of the challenges that have come because of the pandemic including increased costs and supply chain issues.

9:12 - Jim discusses if things are improving in terms of the issues that have arisen.

10:15 - Jim talks about his role at Somy, and what his responsibilities are in the business.

13:11 - So what Innovation is coming to light for Somfy? Jim talks about what the pandemic put on hold, but what’s on the horizon.

16:10 - Going back to the pandemic, Jim talks about his his sales cycle changed once the pandemic hit.

19:52 - What does their new normal look like? Jim gives the details of how things have changed within the office.

23:10 - The guys talk about competition, and what their future looks like as an industry as a whole.

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