Inwood Road Estate Home Project

Project Summary

Our work focused on the 1,523 square foot main patio, and the 350 square foot patio off the master bedroom. Some of the openings were as wide as 23′ 9” and as tall as 13′.

Dallas TX Porch shadesBoth Patios are a west exposure, but due to the demand for maximum visibility and dimensions of openings requiring motion screens, an 85% solar screen was used. Black screen was a good choice because maximum visibilty was a high priority. It offers very good transclucency while providing a moderate amount of solar protection. It is also more dimensionally stable than a typical bug screen, which is important on such large screens to effectively reduce puckering and sagging.

The units were to be fully recessed into both stone and stucco. U-Channels were installed first to allow the stone and stucco finishes to be completed. Coordination with the builder ensured that necessary access pocket dimensions were maintained, which allows future access for possible servicing of the upper roller assembly, fabric, and tube motors.

After the stucco finish was completed we followed up with the installation of the adjustable track inserts. This system works really well as it allows adjustments to the side tracks. This is imperative since the system has to be set up to meet very close tolerances to operate properly. Each side track enhouses a nylon insert in which the various zippered screen material rides within as it is raised and lowered. This system gives excellent support at the sides and effectively keeps insects out. The system that I use is manufactured by Universal Screens in Plano, TX due to it’s superior engineering, which all but eliminates zippers coming out of the tracks.

The upper roller/motor assembly were concealed in a pre-formed pocket by the builder and finished off with an attractive bottom access cover.


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