Arion Shading System

ARION is not just your ordinary roller shade; it is an oversized manual retractable screen that combines the resistance of an exterior shade with the visually appealing look of an interior shade. With its innovative design and functionality, ARION offers a perfect solution for large spaces where you want to maintain a balance between style and practicality.

Whether you need a retractable screen for interior or exterior application, ARION has got you covered. Its versatile nature allows it to seamlessly blend into any setting, whether it’s a cozy living room or a spacious outdoor patio. You can choose the location that suits your needs best, and ARION will deliver exceptional performance.

When it comes to guidance options, ARION offers flexibility to meet your specific requirements. You can opt for Cable-guided, Rod-guided, or Free-Hanging configurations, depending on your preference and the structural setup of your space. This versatility ensures that ARION can be seamlessly integrated into various architectural styles.

To guarantee durability and longevity, all components of ARION are crafted from high-quality aluminum. This not only ensures its sturdiness but also makes it resistant to corrosion and weather elements, making ARION an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

ARION offers two convenient operation options: motorized or crank. With the motorized option, you can effortlessly retract or extend the screen with a simple touch of a button, providing you with ultimate convenience. Alternatively, the crank operation allows for manual control, allowing you to adjust the screen according to your desired level of privacy or sunlight.

ARION manual retractable screens provide an excellent combination of functionality and aesthetics. Their oversized design, versatile application options, guidance choices, and durable aluminum components make them the perfect choice for large spaces. Whether you prefer motorized or crank operation, ARION ensures a seamless experience and enhances the overall ambiance of any setting.

Luxury Oversize Roller Shades

manual oversize roller shades for exterior and interior

  • Cable-guided, Rod-guided, or Free-Hanging
  • The perfect solution for large spaces
  • Interior or Exterior Application
  • Cable or Rod Guidance options
  • All aluminum components
  • Motor or Crank Operation


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